What is covered?

Your coverage is designed around the needs of an average student. The coverage is intended to ensure that you do not suffer financial hardships due to an unforeseen medical condition. 

What is the cost of my benefit plan?

The cost of your plan for the 2015/16 year is $222.00 for Health and $135.17 for Dental.  The total fee is assessed with your tuition and ancillary fees, for 12 months of coverage. Your plan runs from September 01 to August 31 in the following year. Although the fee will be automatically included, the opt-out process is flexible and convenient. Students will receive a full refund if they prove they have acceptable proof of comparable coverage.

Am I covered in the months when I do not attend classes?
Yes, this plan commences September 1st and ends on August 31st of the following year. If you register in January the plan is based on an eight month term ending August 31st of the same year.

How do I know if I am enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plan?
If you met the eligibility requirements, you will be automatically enrolled and the fees for the Health and Dental Plan will be added to your tuition. You must be covered by your provincial Health Insurance plan or an equivalent plan, in order to qualify for benefits.  See your Booklet on information for eligibility requirements.

Can I add my family/dependants to our plan?
Yes. You may add your spouse and children to your plan by paying an additional fee, before dependants are eligible for coverage. Common Law and Same-sex couples are eligible. The fee for family coverage for the 2015/16 year is $510.00 ($222.00 included with tuition) for Health, and $285.65 ($135.17 included with tuition) for Dental.

What if I am covered by another plan?

You have two choices:
Coordinate your Benefits
You can maximize your benefits by using the Health and Dental plan with your alternative plan. Using more than one plan to maximize benefits is called co-ordination of benefits. Please see our complete Benefits Booklet for additional information on this option.

Opt out of the Plan
If after reviewing your other plan and the plan, you feel that you do not wish to be enrolled in the Benefit Plan, you may opt out by the applicable deadline. You must provide acceptable proof of comparable coverage in order to opt out of the plan.

Why Keep this Plan if I am covered by another plan?
Here are five good reasons why you should keep this Plan:

1. This Plan offers specifically designed benefits to meet the needs of students. Better double check your benefits to make sure you are not missing out on important coverage. 

2. Your student plan is completely confidential -- no one will know what medical expenses you are claiming, or why. 

3. This Plan reimburses you directly, for any medical expenses, claims are paid within 48 hours from being received. 

4. You can combine the benefits of your other plan with this plan to increase the coverage available to 100%.

5. The Plan helps those students most in need. By everyone paying a little, you can reduce the costs for other students.

How do I Opt Out?

In order to opt-out of this plan, you must be enrolled in another Health and/or Dental Plan.  Proof of coverage for Health is required before you are able to opt-out. You must complete this process by September 30, 2015.

If you choose to exclude yourself from the Plan, you must complete the required form, online at www.studentbenefits.ca.

When your opt-out request has been approved, it will remain in force for the entire student year unless your alternate extended Health and/or Dental plan terminates. You have 30 days from the loss of coverage to notify your plan administrator in order to be covered under our plan for the remainder of the student year.  You must provide a copy of your Notice of Termination and pay the applicable fees.   

Why should I Register on the Website?

There are many features on the website that will help you to make your plan more accessible and easy to use.  Website features include printable Benefit Cards, online claim submission, Direct Deposit, access to Claim History, a Live Chat feature, access to all plan documentation, and more. You can register your account on www.studentbenefits.ca.

How do I make a Claim?

For Prescription Drug claims, you simply present your Benefits Card to your Pharmacist. A Benefits Card can be created, click here.

You will be responsible for the co-pay of the cost of the Prescription. The Pharmacist will submit your claim electronically to NexgenRX on your behalf. 

For extended Health claims (i.e. Chiropractor, Massage Therapy, etc.) your service Provider may be set up to electronically submit your claim for you.  You can ask them if they are a registered Provider with The Campus Trust.  If they are not, your claim must be submitted to The Campus Trust for reimbursement.  Claims can be submitted electronically by visiting the claim centre on the website.  Alternatively, they can be submitted with the claim form and original receipts via email, fax, or mail. Please ensure you attach any required Doctor's Referrals, and that the claim form is completed in full.

For Dental Claims, your Dental Office may be set up to submit your claim electronically for you.  You present your Benefits Card, and simply pay any amount that is not covered by your plan.  If your Dental Office is not able to submit your claim electronically, you may be required to pay for your treatment up front, and submit the claim to The Campus Trust for reimbursement.  Your Dental Office should provide you with a Standard Dental Claim Form, and Receipt, which you then complete in full and submit to the plan via email, fax, or mail.  

To be considered an eligible expense, claims must be received within 6 months from the date expense was incurred or the date coverage terminated using the date of service or the date supplies were purchased.

How do I print my Benefits Card?
A Benefits Card can be printed, at your convenience. You can bring your Benefits Card to your Dental office, Pharmacist, or Health Practitioner, and in most cases, have your claims submitted electronically on your behalf.  If you are manually submitting a claim, you will need the information on your Benefits Card, in order to have your claim processed.

How long do I have to submit a claim?
Claims must be submitted within 6 months of the date of loss.  If the Plan terminates, claims must be submitted within 3 months from the date of the termination of the plan.  Legal action to recover benefits must begin within 2 years of the date of loss.   

Can my claims be paid directly to my Provider?
Your plan allows you to assign your benefits to a Health or Dental service provider.  

Our website now offers Providers a portal where they can submit their claims electronically.  When students submit the claim electronically, you will be emailed a copy of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB), and payment will be sent to the Provider electronically.  Providers can contact us for assistance in setting up their Online Profile.

If a Provider submits your claim manually with an Assignment of Benefits Form, the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is mailed to the provider only. The Assignment of Benefits form, found on www.studentbenefits.ca under the Download Centre, must be accompanied by an Invoice, and a Doctor’s referral (if applicable).  You must review and sign the Assignment of Benefits form to ensure accuracy before the claim is submitted, on your behalf, by your service Provider.

You are responsible to ensure that you are eligible for coverage on the date of your treatment.  No amount will be paid if your coverage is not in effect at the time of treatment.

Remember that all benefits have limits, and not all providers will accept Direct Billing.  You should ask your provider if they will Direct Bill before starting treatment.

How do I get my Prescriptions filled?
Once you have received a Prescription from your Physician, a Pharmacist will process your Prescription. The Pharmacist will require your Benefit Card in order to access your Benefits.  Your Benefits Card can be printed when you register your account.

The Pharmacist must access the NexgenRx System and use the information found on your Benefits Card, in order to submit your claim. Your Benefits card can be found and printed in the Download Centre on this website.

Some drugs will require pre-approval before the Plan will pay for the Drug. You must complete the Drug Exception Request Form, found in the Download Centre. This form must be completed by your Physician and signed by you, to allow release of your medical information on the form.  If the Drug is one you will need on a continuing basis, the form need only be submitted once to The Campus Trust to establish this exception for you. You will receive an email or telephone call to advise you of the approval or denial of your exception request.

How do I receive my claim reimbursement?
For easy reimbursement, you can apply for Direct Deposit, click here.

The benefits of this option are:

• Quicker turn around time, you do not have to wait for your cheque in the mail.
 Reimbursement monies are deposited right into your bank account.
 Your explanation of benefits will be emailed to you, no extra paper to worry about.

Alternatively, your reimbursement cheque will be sent to your address 10 - 14 days after you have submitted your claim to The Campus Trust. All claims are paid 24 - 48 hours from being received.

Can I view my Claim History?
Your Claim History is now available on the website, and updated daily by our new  Claims Tracker, so that you will always have the most up-to-date information regarding your submitted claims.  

You have the option to print the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for any claim that you have submitted. This highlights claim information, and payments made by your Plan. Having this information easily accessible will make it easier for you to submit the information to any alternative Insurance you may have, or provide you the information you may require for your Income Tax.

We understand that receiving your reimbursement in a timely manner is very important. For that reason, we have added this function as a way to track your claim history.

How can I see how much I’ve claimed?
The option to view your Benefit Balances is now available on www.studentbenefits.ca, under the Claim Centre.  Once registered, you will have access to view the remaining balance of any benefit.  This option is particularly helpful when you have repeat treatments for a specific benefit type.