Direct Deposit Information

If you currently receive your cheques by mail, you can now take advantage of direct deposit for your claim reimbursements. Once you have registered as a member on this website and have updated your profile, you will receive reimburse by direct deposit. We can usually begin your direct deposit payments 2–3 business days after you submit your request. To make this process simple, have a blank cheque or direct deposit form from your bank on hand when you register. These documents include all the information we require to set up direct deposit. Your payments can be deposited into a chequing or savings account. If you have another kind of account, please call your financial institution to find out what accounts you can use for direct deposit.

You can change or cancel your direct deposit at any time by updating your information under your profile. It can take up to 3-5 business days to process your request, so please remember this when changing or deleting your bank account information.

Before the payment has been deposited into your account, you will receive an email detailing the payment. This is called an Explanation of Benefits. With normal bank clearing procedures, your payment should be deposited within 2-3 business days.