Online Claim Submission

Online claim submission is a quick and practical way for you to submit your health or dental claim. Once you have registered as a member on the website, you will be able to add a new claim under the Claim Centre.

You can even fill out the form and attach pictures of your receipts from your smart phone. By submitting your claim electronically, you avoid waiting for your claim to reach us by mail. If you sign up for direct deposit as well, you will receive your reimbursement even faster!

Claim submission is easy. We walk you through the process of submitting your claim to ensure that we have all the information we require for processing, thus minimizing submission errors.  The website will notify you if a referral is required and assists you with coordinating benefits with another plan.

When submitting claims, you are required to retain your original receipt(s) for 12 months, as we may request the original receipt(s) at any time.